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Second week and John Garcia

The second week on the market went by quickly as well. Unfortunately there were again quite a few rainy days. However, as soon as the rain stops the market gets really busy and people enjoy the authentic German Christmas atmosphere.
It wasn’t as easy to plan upfront which candy types will be the most popular ones and which will be less frequently asked. So after the first week we figured that we will run short of few kinds and so we decided to order more candies straight from Germany per airfreight!

The visitors keep asking us if we have a store in Vancouver where we sell the candies or if they can buy the candies online. So far there is no store, but we are working on this, at least for our excess inventory. We get many hints from customers about potential stores that could be interested in selling the candies left from the market such as gluten free stores and bakeries as well as grocery stores. Check out our website when the Christmas Market is over to find out what shops in Vancouver will carry our excess inventory.

Also we are having a candy photo competition going on where we give away one candy jar per week for the Facebook photo that receives the most “likes” from the preceding week. To take part in the contest just come to our candy hut take a photo with our golden frame or simply our candies and post it to our Facebook page. Every day our candy community is growing very fast and people post the nicest pictures on Facebook. Also December 8th, was the German nation day on the market and we were offering 3 candy bags for $10. The special offer was highly demanded so that it became our best day on the market so far. So should we maybe repeat this offer?!

Another great visitor came along to visit the market. We had the chance to take a photo with Hurly (Jorge Garcia) from the famous tv show “Lost” and he loved our candies!

We bet there are more exciting days to come. Stay tuned for more great deals and candy fun. Thanks everyone so far.

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What Do Customers Say?
It was by far the best hard candy I had ever tried. I will never eat another hard candy without comparing it to yours.
Tatiana Wong

I just can't get enough of those mulled wine sweets. I've come two nights in a row, and I'm coming back for more!
Jennifer Dela Luna

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