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Herbal Candies to Help Soothe Your Throat

Herbal Candies and Remedies to Help Soothe Your Sore Throat

When the weather changes all of sudden to a cold winter, or you’ve been overworking yourself, it’s very easy to come down with a cold. During these times you may suffer from a sore throat that irritates you when you’re at work, while you’re driving, or even while you’re trying to sleep. Sore throats can be such a nuisance when you’re carrying out your daily life, you find it hard to talk to others, and may find yourself coughing, causing your throats to be even more irritated.

The natural tendency when you are suffering from a sore throat may be to go and grab a cough drop like Halls or another big brand of cough candy. But the majority of these cough candies contain artificial ingredients. And the last thing your body, or the body of your children need is more artificial ingredients.

Instead there are several natural herbal remedies when healing a sore throat for yourself or for you your children.

We’re not medical experts, so it’s always important to consult with a doctor before beginning any treatment.

1) Consider Using Honey to Soothe Your Throat

Sore throats can be irritating due to inflammation a dryness. Having honey in warm water may reduce the irritation. However, you’re probably not going to carry a jar of honey with you to work, or when you’re on the bus, especially since bottles of honey can get sticky. This is why it’s easier to grab all natural candies that contain honey to help soothe your throat on the go.

At Candy Meister we’ve got three different types of honey candy that can help relieve mild sore throats. They are the Honey Bees Candy, which contain 15% honey, and we also feature the Honey Filled Candy which has a centre filled blossom honey, and Honey Sage Candy.

Honey Sage Herbal Cough Drops

Sage is an excellent herb when it comes to help with coughs. Sage is known to soothe coughs, relieve sore throats, is antibacterial and can help lower fevers. Sage combined with honey is an excellent combination for extremely agitated throats.

2) Using the Right Combination of Herbs to Soothe Your Throat

If you’re worried about putting artificial ingredients into your body or your kids, then it’s always best to go with an all natural solution. Europeans have known for centuries that the right combination of herbs can help calm sore throats. These types of herbral cough and sore throat candies are excellent treatments for people of all ages.

Herbs that have been known to help relieve sore throats include eucalyptus, mint, ginger and licorice.

Candy Meister offers several herbal candies that use these herbs to help relieve and help in the healing of sore throats which include our Soothing Cough Candy, Alpine Herbs, Eucalyptus Menthol Sticks, and for those throats that may need a little bit more treatment, we recommend our Throat Fire Candy. All the candies are gluten free, dairy free, and all natural.

Our Throat Fire Candy and Eucalyptus Candy both contain eucalyptus oil, an ingredient that can also help relieve stuffy noses.

Eucalyptus for oil

Herbal Cough Candy Throat Fire
While these types of herbal cough candies will be able to help you on the go in your daily busy life , the most important advice we can give is this – get lots of rest when you’re not feeling well. Don’t overwork yourself. The best type of medicine is a good night’s sleep, regular exercise, and a balanced diet.

And if it hurts for you to talk when your throat is sore, then talk as little as possible so that you don’t further inflame your throat. People will understand that you’re not trying to be rude.

However, if you do find yourself working at your desk, then it’s a good idea to keep a backup of some our soothing cough drops. This way you can help get through the day as easily as possible. If you also have a colleague who’s got a sore throat, then remember to share our remedies!

For all your wonderful candy needs, whether it’s for your sweet tooth, or for your sore throat, visit us at Candy Meister.

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