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Our last days at the Christmas Market

The Christmas mood was finally in everyone’s bones. Counting the last days on the market and still having fun selling our Traditional German Candies to everyone who comes along. Shouting, yelling and joking around with our customers is just the way how we love doing our job every day. Thanks to our fabulous team for having a lot of fun at work and making a great visitor experience happening.

And wow,… there was ONE snowy day in Vancouver. Unfortunately not many people felt like coming to the market that day, probably because the streets were too muddy and slippery. The snow was gone one day after and immediately the visitor numbers picked up again and brought us a good final week with a lot of happy Christmas market visitors.

Towards the end of the market period week we spoke with many shops if they are interested in our excess inventory from the market. We had a few interested gluten-free stores and bakeries, sweet shops and whole food stores. Unfortunately most of the shops were just busy as hell with their Christmas business and unable to make a quick commitment. However, the “Vancouver Alpen Club” and the “European Food Import Deli” bought some of our “Mixed Herbs” candies.

For all those who want to have a little more of the German feeling you should visit the Vancouver Alpen Club and enjoy their delicious German food. Their kitchen has improved significantly over the last three years and now is absolutely worthwhile to be checked out! Our recommendation: Try the Schnitzel and grab some candies for desert afterwards!

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What Do Customers Say?
It was by far the best hard candy I had ever tried. I will never eat another hard candy without comparing it to yours.
Tatiana Wong

I just can't get enough of those mulled wine sweets. I've come two nights in a row, and I'm coming back for more!
Jennifer Dela Luna

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