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The idea for the German hard candies in Vancouver

During the 2011 Christmas season we knew already that we will be next year by this time of the year in British Columbia, Canada. We also knew about the German Vancouver Christmas Market in downtown Vancouver which openend its doors for the first time in 2010. The market has received great feedback in the last two years and it became already an annual happening that no Vancouverite wants to miss.

So we went for a stroll on the Christmas market next to the Opernpalais in Berlin and kept an eye out for products that would fit to Vancouver Christmas Market. We saw many interesting craft and food products and enganged in discussions with the vendors about their experiences selling at a Christmas Market.

One of the huts sold traditional German hard candies, most of them all made from natural ingredients and the same time gluten free.  The hut was selling hard candies from the sugar confectionery manufacturer Wilhelm Mueller – Spezialfabrik für Kraeuterbonbons in Duisburg, Germany. Since both of us love these kind of candies, especially the Mulled Wine and Green Woodroff Leaves, it didn’t take long to realize that this is exactly the product we were looking for.

After doing a little bit of research and consulting friends in Canada, thanks Shanna, Vishana and Randi, it became clear that this type of hard candy is not really sold on the Canadian market. So we decided to take this opportunity and to introduce the more than 25 amazing products to the Canadian Christmas Market.

The idea is born, but it is still a long way to go!


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What Do Customers Say?
It was by far the best hard candy I had ever tried. I will never eat another hard candy without comparing it to yours.
Tatiana Wong

I just can't get enough of those mulled wine sweets. I've come two nights in a row, and I'm coming back for more!
Jennifer Dela Luna

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